The Story of POTA

A family of four is finishing their day of boating on the Saint Johns River in central florida on a muggy summers evening, just as the sun is going down, the engine begins to stall as the family is slowly coming out of a small finger of the river. Paddling a ski-boat with a single oar to a nearby dock to retrieve more gas is no easy task. Once the engine is back purring with enough gas to get it back to the loading dock a couple miles up river, darkness sets in.

A handheld spot light is used to shine the way, spotting what seems like hundreds of alligator eyes all along the way, barely avoiding low hanging branches and desperately trying to keep off the ungodly swarm of mosquitos, the family journeys through the swampy waters.

At last, the family reaches their destination, rushing to get the boat loaded on the trailer and now all back safe inside the SUV, the father begins to laugh uncontrollably at the predicament they have all just come through; the rest of the family joins in this contagious laughter, and a phrase is uttered that would echo in their hearts for years to come… “well family, challenges, defeats and victories are all POTA! It’s all part of the adventure!”

POTA Productions focuses on capturing “Adventure” in every story we tell. Whether it be a film, commercial, sizzle reel or music video, the story for your brand, deserves to be one that is remembered. Our business prowess and creative capabilities will offer you and your brand the story of a lifetime!